1. "Being apart from someone either makes you realise that you didn’t need them or that you can’t live without them"
    — (🌸)
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  3. "I don’t wanna miss you like this . Come back, be here."

  4. "Distance, the true test.
    Missing someone is one thing, needing them is another. Distance reveals what truly lays in a relationship. If you think about them you’re friends, if you miss them you’re good friends, if you can’t go a day without talking to them you’re best friends, if you count down the days until you get to see them you love them, if that day never seems like it’s close enough then you’re in love."
    — Dominic Vassallo (via upstatefarmboy)

  5. "

    With you is where I’d rather be
    But we’re stuck where we are and it’s so hard. So far,

    This long distance is killing me."
    — Bruno Mars - Long Distance (via mishyfishyxo)
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    True love.

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  8. xoluexo:

    crying bc u re too far away from me.. i rly wanna close this distance. i rly need u right now…

  9. everythingyoulovetoohate:

    A thousand miles seems pretty far

    But they’ve got planes and trains and cars

    I’d walk to you if I had no other way

    Our friends would all make fun of us

    and we’ll just laugh along because we know

    That none of them have felt this way

  10. everythingyoulovetoohate:

    Just the chiller pit, I use for her. Otherwise I am storing a  lot in my bank account, Just to see her..


  11. When people complain because they haven’t seen their boyfriend/girlfriend in “almost a week”


    Like do you really wanna start this right now?


  12. "It’s hard to sleep without you by my side."
    — Long Distance Girlfriend Thoughts (via c0rtisol)

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    cliffhangers are so

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